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Sun 25th February 2018
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Plain Talking Smith

April 2010
Why estate agents are needed – even in the online world

Every so often something new happens in the world of estate agency that sets the jungle drums beating. In our case, it is the launch of, our new estate agency, in association with Tesco... READ >>


December 2009/January 2010
Will soaring student debt knock on door of housing market?

STUDENT debt now stands at £18 billion and is set to soar if university vice-chancellors get their way... READ >>


November 2009
HIPS: when will the playing field be level?

A FLURRY of activity from trading standards officers appears to be signalling a crackdown on agencies not complying with first day marketing of Home Information Packs... READ >>


October 2009
Look out — a Stamp Duty stampede is on the way

TAXES — we all hate them, but we all have to pay them... READ >>


September 2009
Some good news at last?

ARE we finally climbing the steps after what has been a helter-skelter ride of a recession?... READ >>


July/August 2009
Does the 'W Effect' have to spell 'Woe'?

I AM enthusiastic to see the first signs of economic Spring and it brightens my day to hear the media using the term ‘green shoots’ more and more frequently. However, we have to be realistic and accept this could just be a short-term bounce... READ >>


June 2009
HomeBuy delays bring collapse of chains

THE Government’s HomeBuy scheme is a serious attempt to help get the housing market moving and to encourage first-time buyers onto the housing ladder through shared ownership... READ >>


May 2009
DIY estate agss: outlook gloomy

VIRTUAL estate agencies are having the door shut in their faces as sellers scurry for the security of the established version during the current difficult economic climate... READ >>


April 2009
Crackdown on bad practice on the horizon

THE Office of Fair Trading has now formally launched its market study into home buying and selling — and estate agents need to be aware that tough new policing of the industry is on its way... READ >>


March 2009
What happens if sellers change their minds?

THE laws surrounding estate agency seem to be full of grey holes but now a new one has come to light in relation to ‘cooling off’ periods for sellers... READ >>


February 2009
Calls for licensing hot up

FOR a long time now, I have called for estate agents entering the profession to be licensed as a way of improving standards across the board and improving customer care... READ >>


December 2008 / January 2009
Staying ahead of the game...

AT a time when estate agents and Home Information Pack providers are going to the wall, it seems the Government is once again meddling with HIP regulations, sparking rumour and uncertainty within the industry... READ >>