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Sat 24th February 2018
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April 2010

Picture this!

Arun launches unique image optimisation system

If a picture says a thousand words, then the 111-office Arun Estates Group have just about cornered the entire dictionary, thanks to a unique image optimisation system that promises to deliver professional-quality property photography, every single time – at no extra cost to the seller.

The two most important determining factors in the quality of any photograph are the person behind the camera and the camera itself.

Recognising this, Arun has transferred responsibility for all property photography from individual branch staff to its own team of Domestic Energy Assessors, who have been given extensive specialist training in all aspects of the photographer’s art.

At the same time - in stark contrast to the barely-adequate compacts wielded by many other agents -- they have been comprehensively equipped with high-end Nikon digital single lens reflex cameras, tripods and a range of high-quality lenses.

But the ultimate key to the success of this unique system is a very clever piece of software, specially developed by Arun’s own in-house IT department.

The DEAs take any number of different versions of the same picture, using a range of speeds and exposure values, and the software then automatically layers them to produce the optimum result in terms of clarity and visual impact.

This unique new capability is being simultaneously rolled out this week across Arun’s 4 regional brands - Douglas Allen in Essex, Ward & Partners across Kent, Cubitt & West in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, and Pittis on the Isle of Wight. The new system will apply to all new listings, and will be included as an integral part of Arun’s standard marketing package.

“We pride ourselves on employing some of the very best people in the business – but at the end of the day, they are estate agents, not photographers,” says Arun’s Managing Director David Lench.

“Now, our listers can concentrate on the job of winning the instruction, and leave the photography to the experts. At the same time, we’re confident that this new ability to present any property in the best possible light – without recourse to expensive professional photography - will prove to be an extremely powerful listing tool in its own right.”