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Tue 22nd May 2018
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May 2009

Rightmove aim to help agents target bargain-hunters

RIGHTMOVE have launch ed a new free service to help agents marry up their best buys with the cash-rich and mortgage-ready bargain hunters they claim flock to the site in search of a good deal.

The service, known as Property Deal Weekly, will allow homemovers to see price reductions in one easy place.

Miles Shipside, Rightmove’s commercial director, said: “Agents are all too aware that cash-rich and mortgage-ready buyers, although out there, are in short supply – and in a position to drive a hard bargain.

“It’s also true that making vendors understand this and reduce their asking price to saleable levels is a frustrating daily challenge.

“Referring them to the deals available in Property Deal Weekly may help the penny drop quicker, especially if they see they can trade up to a bargain too.

“We anticipate switched-on agents will use the carrot of free adverts in Property Deal Weekly to help sellers reduce more often, with the promise of grabbing the attention of those elusive buyers. These are the areas where Property Deal comes into its own.”

Property Deal Weekly will automatically include asking price reductions of two per cent or more which have occurred over the previous week. The format will be a user-friendly online magazine updated weekly, with 45 regional editions covering the UK.