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Sat 24th February 2018
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February 2009

Stuart's geared up to provide a Taylor-made children's tale

WHAT is an estate agent to do when the housing market slows down?

Stuart Taylor, director of The Property Shop in Chatham, Kent, has found his own answer, with the help of a talking car!

Austin the motor car is the title character in a charming book, which is Stuart’s debut novel and first story for children after many years of writing for magazines alongside his other work in residential sales and lettings.

Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor with a copy of the ‘Austin’ novel
he has written for children.

Over 20 chapters, it is a fast-moving adventure story, packed with delightful characterisations, about a loveable old car which has become home to a bunch of wild animals on an old farm. Mr Grey from the Council makes an inspection, and Austin has to be scrapped.

In a race against time, the animals begin a daring mission to find a man they've heard does up old cars in the desperate hope he will be able to rescue the Blackbird twins and their dear friend Austin from being squashed inside the greedy jaws of the Giant Steam Crusher!

The book, intended for readers aged from nine to 11, is packed with wry humour, appealing to both youngsters and adults reading it to younger children.

Stuart began the project after a health scare prompted a less pressured lifestyle.

“It started as an experimental piece which went down well, with some very encouraging reviews from youngsters,” said Stuart, who has long been a fan of Austin Seven cars and has fond memories of Saturday morning serials in the cinema, which his book aims to emulate.

More details about ‘Austin’ are available online by clicking onto