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Tue 22nd May 2018
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February 2009

Homing in on the best and worst selling areas

BEARSDEN, Glasgow is the place in the UK where a home is most likely to sell quickly, while Aberystwyth in North Wales is the location for properties taking longest to sell.

New research by home price analysts has identified the UK’s most and least resilient local housing markets and the wealthy suburb of Bearsden topped the list of the most dynamic home selling markets, as at December, with an average marketing time of just 73 days.

Crewkerne, Somerset and Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire were next in the ‘best-selling’ list, with averages of 74 days and 80 days respectively, while Bloomsbury and Holburn are the most dynamic housing markets in London, with average marketing times of 122 and 123 days respectively.

Meanwhile, in the ‘worst-selling’ stakes, Aberystwyth, where the average selling time is 314 days, is followed in the table by Loftus, North Yorkshire, Hoylake on Cheshire’s The Wirral and five Welsh towns — Deganwy, Newton, Llandudno, Caernarfon and Conwy.

The figures shown are for the average number of days taken for a property to sell, followed by how many properties there were on the market in that location when the survey was undertaken.

Top 25 Best Selling areas - Top 25 worst selling areas