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Sat 24th February 2018
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February 2009

Townends: lets celebrate a record!

TOWNENDS residential lettings have announced their most successful bankings month and year since they started trading in 1991.

December 2008 showed an increase of 38 per cent on banked business against the same period in 2007 and, for the year as a whole, an increase of 11 per cent across their branch network.

In addition, instruction numbers increased steadily month on month from April through to December with increases of a minimum of 12 per cent through to as much as 55 per cent.

Caroline Kavanagh, Townends residential lettings operation director, said: “These statistics prove that, in the current climate, more people are taking the decision to let their property, whether it be through choice or being either unwilling or unable to accept the true current market value of their property.

“In some cases, clients are letting out their own property and moving on to rent another one as, currently, this is their only option.

“It is not only the lack of home buying and selling activity that has helped us achieve these records.

“Townends focussed heavily on the lettings side of the business last year.

“We altered our business model to ensure that we were able to expand our areas of operation and offer the best possible service and professionalism to the lettings market in the areas we trade, especially with an increasing number of lettings agents opening up and not all of them being properly qualified.

“This obviously paid off and we had our most successful year on record.”

Townends are part of Badger Holdings, who have 34 offices in the South East of England.