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Sun 25th February 2018
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April 2010
Outlook for this year is uncertain

THE big estate agency groups have all reported their 2009 profits and the figures look good. But all admit the outlook for this year is uncertain... READ >>


December 2009/January 2010
Winkworth's AIM is clear

THERE is a new recruit to the ranks of quoted residential estate agencies as Winkworth made a low key debut on the junior Alternative Investment Market on November 11... READ >>


November 2009
Only a pahnd, guv!

THE £1 deal agreed for Halifax Estate Agents by LSL Property Services brings back fond memories... READ >>


October 2009
A Frank summary of the state of the market

KNIGHT Frank Rutley is not a publicly-quoted company; it’s a limited liability partnership — but its full year results, published recently, and the group’s comments, provide key pointers to the way global property markets are performing... READ >>


September 2009
Rightmove prospering suggests worst is past

IT has always been my belief that the estate agency business is first in and first out of a downturn in the housing cycle... READ >>


July/August 2009
'Slowly but surely' as recovery looks on course

WE will have to wait until late August and September to find out how the present recovery in the market has fed through to the bottom lines of the major corporates... READ >>


June 2009
Prices will still fall but volume will increase...

THE recovery of share prices in estate agency and property service businesses continued over the last month... READ >>


May 2009
After the winter of discontent — a brighter summer?

THE recovery of share prices in estate agency and property service businesses seems to have escaped under the radar, amid all the Budget coverage... READ >>


April 2009
Countrywide loss as 'market is shot to pieces'...

I CAN understand why investors in Castle HoldCo4, the holding company of Countrywide, devised the debt-into-equity Scheme of Arrangement which was first announced in mid-February, and why it has gathered overwhelming support... READ >>


March 2009
Why lettings income is so welcome in this current market...

THE Council of Mortgage Lenders figures for 2008 have confirmed that it was the worst year for transactions in living memory... READ >>


February 2009
Property affordability v bank unpredictability...

HOW the housing market performs this year depends on availability of mortgages.

Last month’s UK bank bailout is supposed to unlock the credit market and allow more mortgage lending... READ >>


December 2008 / January 2009
LSL hold up well as recession bites...

FIRSTLY, something of an apology. A year ago I reported that some speakers at the influential European Mortgage Federation annual conference in Brussels suggested that the "credit crunch" would be easing by summer 2008. It didn’t — in fact , it worsened... READ >>